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Jay McCleskey is a Respected Political Adviser

Jay McCleskey is a respected political adviser who has worked on many campaigns over the years. He got started in this field by working for challenging candidates trying to unseat incumbents at the local level in New Mexico. He ran a number of campaigns like this and experienced a good deal of success, even managing to help a challenger unseat a thirty year incumbent and then-Speaker of the House of New Mexico. McCleskey also helped to run a campaign for governor and served as the Republican Party of New Mexico’s Executive Director for several years.

In 2004, Jay McCleskey was put in charge of overseeing the Republican National Committee’s Victory campaign in New Mexico. This was a campaign by the RNC to help George W. Bush be re-elected as President. In 2000, New Mexico had voted for the Democratic candidate, but in 2004 it went blue for George W. Bush. From 2005 until 2009, Jay McCleskey was a Regional Political Director for the Republican National Committee. In this position he oversaw the RNC’s activities in ten states and helped with dozens of campaigns all over the United States.

Jay McCleskey is now a member of the team at Lincoln Strategy Group. He is a highly respected public affairs consultant who works with clients to ensure their goals are accomplished.

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